Hairstyles for Round Faces –Short, Medium, Cute & Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Hairstyles for Round Faces

You must choose your hairstyles depending on your facial features. If you have a round face you will find a number of hairstyles to suit you the best. The gentle waves decreases the roundness and makes your face look little longer. Blonde Hairstyles look flattering on a round face. The sophisticated cut looks very beautiful on a round face and it is the best and cute hairstyle for a round face.

Long hairstyle with layers around the face elongates the round face and the wearer looks gorgeous. Long layers are flattering on a round face enhancing the beauty of the facial features. Wavy hair is the best among the medium hair styles for round faces. The curls also look fabulous on round faces when the curl begins below the chin. The long waves are the best and cute hair style for a round face. It makes the wearer look ravishing. The side swept bangs are the best short hairstyle for these faces. It accentuates the graceful feature of the wearer. This is a great cut for thin and delicate hair as it also adds volume to the hair.

The best and cute hairstyles for a round face must create less volume around the face and minimize the roundness. Soft, graduated layers are the best as they tend to remove the bulkiness of the face. Wispy and tapered ends too make your face appear slimmer. There are many short hairstyles for these round faces which add volume at the top of the head through a series of layers or heightened bangs. Shag style also suits these faces and gives a cheerful appearance to the wearer. If your face is round the following styles can be opted.

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Layered rather than straight or heavy bangs; short style which provide instant height at the crown; styles that add lengths under the chin; curls around the crown; graduated shag and so on. All these styles look gorgeous and elegant on the round faces making them appear slender. Parting may not suit the round faces. They may opt for the parting at the centre rather than the side partings which make their faces appear more bloated and round like a ball.

An important thing to remember when you go for the suitable, best and cute hairstyles for round faces, the volume of the hair at the sides must be reduced, the layers on the top must be increased and this simple technique makes your round face slender and slimmer. Actually the round faces are a great boon to women as it provides a sweet innocence to the features which attract the attention of others.

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